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Are you finding the ever changing internet landscape difficult to keep up with. Does jargon like SEO, PPC, organic searches, responsive websites, duplicate content etc go over your head. Well we’re here to help. Your FREE web page on  Professional Makeup Artist directory is waiting for you to claim.

The speed of internet marketing is moving so fast, getting to the top of search engines is becoming more difficult but is just as important for your online marketing success. Websites can be expensive to design if you have to use an agency, but this is only the start, you still have to get the site to be seen by your potential clients. If you’re site isn’t on the first page on Google it is very unlikely that it will be seen at all. Which means you will not be getting clients knocking at your door or calling your phone to hire your services. If you feature on our directory you can forget all that hassle and concentrate on what you do best.

Your Free listing includes

  • Free web page fully optimised for search engines to allow high rankings on Google for local searches. Check out an example here
  • Your page with be mobile friendly – Save on additional website costs by having to make your site mobile responsive – nearly 1/4 of online searches are currently done on mobile devices and this figure is only going to increase in the future. If you’re website is not mobile friendly you’re missing out and damaging your visitors internet experience.
  • Allow clients to post reviews right on your page improving your social proof.
  • Content marketing will be the big thing going forward. If you struggle to add content on a regular basis your site is going to struggle to rank in search engines. If you list on our site we will provide the content to keep your listing high in the rankings.
  • Use as your main online presence or as an addition to your website.
  • Email us your page updates and we’ll do the rest (no coding involved for you)
  • Be involved in a one stop shop for makeup artist searches. Being involved will mean your competition isn’t one step ahead of you
  • This is not just a directory it is a community of makeup artists displaying their services in one location. We will be looking to keep listings per town down to 3-4. Based on a come first served basis. So don’t miss this unique opportunity to get involved.

Adding even more value for you

  • Additionally we will be adding tutorials both written and video which you can get involved in with links back to your page allowing you to be more authoritative in the eyes of your audience.
  • Optionally we can point your existing domain name right to your new page, or we can register a new one for you.


How to feature

  • Simply go to our contact page and send us a short message letting us know you are interested in featuring. We will email you back with a template to fill out with the relevant information needed for your content and that’s it your page will be live in no time. What are you waiting for? The quicker it’s done the quicker you will be found by clients wanting to pay for your services.
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